Wireless Charging Vent Mount

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100% Battery Recharge
100% Battery Recharge

Yes, that is right. You will get a full recharge by a push of a button anywhere you are.

Light Design
Light Design

We prioritize keeping things compact and light for a natural feel.

Full Impact Protection
Full Impact Protection

Accidents happen, so we made sure your phone stays safe.

Battery Capacity

4500 mAh

Exterior Construction

Exterior is made with silicone for a natural and  comfortable feel in your hand. 


The Juice Pack Air can be used with the Apple Lightning to USB Cable and Lightning-to-3.5mm Headphone Adapter and Apple CarPlay along with any cord headphones. 

Impact Resistance

Full 360-degree bumper protection with access to all ports & a raised front lip to protect your screen from damage.

How do I turn on the Juice Pack Air?

To turn on the Juice Pack Air, press and hold the status button on the back. The four LED  indicator lights on the back will light up from the left to the right once to indicate the Juice Pack Air is on. 

Does the Juice Pack Air interfere with my phone’s antenna reception, Apple Pay or its internal compass?

Nope. All Wi-Fi and LTE functions on the phone (as well as Apple Pay) are unaffected by the juice pack air. The phone’s internal compass is also unaffected.

Can I use my Juice Pack Air to charge my phone without stopping what I’m doing?

You bet! After you fully charge the juice pack air and install your phone in it, press the status button on the back of the case for 3 seconds to start charging your phone without having to stop at a wall outlet. If you want to stop charging the phone and save some battery for later, just press the status button again for 3 seconds.

Will my Juice Pack Air affect the performance of my phone?

No, the juice pack air will not affect call, sound or picture & quality.

It seems that when I am charging my juice pack air and phone together, the phone does not charge?

Depending on how you are using your phone while it’s charging, you could be using energy as fast as it is being provided. If your phone’s battery is low and you need to charge it, it’s best to use the phone as little as possible while you’re charging it.

My Juice Pack Air gets warm when charging my phone. Is that normal?

Yes, it’s normal for the juice pack air to generate heat when charging. It will feel warm to the touch but should not cause any discomfort.

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